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The CT River Area Health District has finished vaccinating for COVID-19 & Influenza for the 2022/2023 season. We will be evaluating our future vaccination plans for 2023/2024 in the coming months.

Thank you to all CRAHD residents and non-residents who attended one or more of our 228 scheduled vaccination clinics. In addition to our scheduled clinics, we have provided many walk-in clinic opportunities and have performed numerous home-bound vaccinations. Administering almost 34,000 COVID-19 vaccinations has been a monumental task. CRAHD is one of the smallest Health Districts in the State of CT and our vaccination numbers exceed all other smaller and larger Health Districts. In addition to residents of our 6 member Town District, CRAHD has vaccinated individuals from over 85% of CT's municipalities and residents from 24 different States.


I am beyond proud of all my CRAHD staff and member Town community leaders. Specifically, this effort would not have been possible without my Public Health Nurse, Sherry Carlson, & Chief Michael Spera of the Old Saybrook Police Department and his team. Our efforts undoubtedly saved lives and prevented severe illness for numerous individuals.

Thank You

Scott Martinson, MPH, MS, RS

Director of Health 



updated 1/19/2023

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